Realize the Genius of Your Design with a Complete Prototyping Platform for Any Design Size - Any Design Stage - Any Location

Today's off-the-shelf FPGA prototyping systems have established their value in every stage of the system-on-chip (SoC) design flow.
Moving beyond traditional applications such as in-circuit testing and early software development, this technology has expanded to
encompass system-level design and IP validation. FPGA-based prototypes work with electronic system level (ESL) design environments
to refine, validate and implement chip architecture, and with transaction-level tests to achieve an order of magnitude (or more) increase
in verification speed.

There are several drivers of this technology: the need to quickly construct high-performance prototypes; the demands of growing design
size and complexity; and the need to utilize prototypes as an enterprise-wide resource. Globalization has replaced localized design teams
with groups that are geographically-distributed. Consequently, FPGA prototyping solutions must now provide network access, remote
management capabilities, coupled with the ability to be easily re-configured for different design requirements including gate counts,
memory types/sizes and system interfaces. This allows realizing multiple hardware and software implementations for numerous,
geographically-dispersed teams.

This seminar addresses how you can take advantage of a complete FPGA prototyping system to meet your ever-growing SoC design
challenges. We'll show you our advanced technology from S2C including:

  • High-performance Prodigy Logic Modules based on the latest Virtex UltraScale and cost-effective Virtex-7 FPGAs
  • Prodigy Cloud Cube that supports up to 32 FPGA in a single box, can be easily configured for different sizes and applications,
    and can share among up to 16 users at the same time
  • Prodigy Player Pro™ with partitioning capability using pin-multiplexing with LVDS and remote design control capability
  • Prodigy ProtoBridge which links the system-level simulation environment to the FPGA-based prototyping environment
  • Prodigy Neuro providing central administration function of all FPGA prototyping resource available on your company network
    and remotely running FPGA prototyping jobs via web interface