S2C rolls new IP, algorithm, and ASIC rapid-prototyping platform based on Xilinx Virtex-7 2000T 3D FPGA

by Xilinx Employee  on ‎12-11-2014 11:02 AM

FPGAs are great prototyping targets for developing new IP blocks, algorithms, and entire ASICs. S2C has justannounced its latest prototyping platform, the SingleE V7 Logic Module based on a Xilinx Virtex-7 2000T 3D FPGA. It measures a diminutive 260mm x 170mm and features:


  • 960 I/Os on 8 high-speed connectors
  • Access to a library of over 70 daughter cards for quickly building a prototype target
  • On-board DDR3 SO-DIMM socket extending to 8Gbytes of memory running at 1600Mbytes/sec
  • Remote control management through Ethernet and USB for programmable clock generations, design resets, virtual I/Os and switches, I/O voltage setting, and monitoring of voltage/current/temperature and hardware status
  • Multiple SingleE V7 Logic Module management from one PC


S2C SingleE V7 Logic Module Block Diagram.jpg



The S2C SingleE V7 Logic Module can take on many hardware development tasks including:


  • Running ESL simulations to evaluate model accuracy
  • Validate SoC software on a target architecture
  • Algorithm development using real hardware
  • Create corner test cases in software and run exercises on a hardware prototype
  • Run regression tests on FPGA prototype hardware using vectors stored in the host computer