S2C introduces Dual VU440 Prodigy Logic Module for IP and ASIC prototyping: more, more, more (88M gate capacity)

by Xilinx Employee  ‎‎12-04-2015 02:18 PM

Back in May, S2C announced a Single VU440 Prodigy Logic Module for IP and ASIC prototyping leveraging the ginormous logic capacity of a Xilinx Virtex UltraScale VU440 FPGA. (See “Phenomenal Cosmic Prototyping Power, Itty Bitty Package: The new S2C Single VU440 Prodigy Logic Module.”) That board has a rated prototyping capacity of 44M ASIC gates.


But what’s that? You say “That’s not enough”?


Well, one alternative was (and is) to load several of these boards into one of S2C’s Cloud Cubes but S2C now has a second alternative. The company has put two Xilinx VU440 FPGAs on its new Dual VU440 Prodigy Logic Module for a rated capacity of 88M ASIC gates.



S2C Dual VU440 Prodigy Logic Module.jpg



S2C Dual 440 Prodigy Logic Module For IP and ASIC Prototyping



These Dual 440 Prodigy Logic Modules will also plug into an S2C Cloud Cube, effectively doubling the Cloud Cube’s maximum capacity.