S2C takes FPGA Prototyping into the Clouds with the 1.4-billion-gate Cloud Cube

by Xilinx Employee on ‎05-26-2015 05:32 PM

Rack eight of S2C’s Prodigy Player Pro FPGA Prototyping boards in one of the company’s Prodigy Cloud Cube 32 cages and you get a Cloud-worthy, connected, FPGA Prototyping supersystem with a capacity of as many as 1.4 billion gates using 32 Xilinx Virtex UltraScale VU440 FPGAs. As many as sixteen designers can use the Cloud Cube’s FPGA Prototyping capabilities at one time. The photo sort of says it all:



S2C Cloud Cube.jpg



The company plans to add cloud-based management software and multi-FPGA debug capabilities in the near future. For more information, click here and here.