Eight new interface products make FPGA-based SoC Prototyping even easier for you

by Xilinx Employee ‎07-11-2016 02:10 PM

S2C has announced eight new Prototype Ready interface cards and accessories to its growing library of off-the-shelf hardware and software products compatible with its Prodigy Complete Prototyping Platform. These new modules allow you to prototype SoC designs using a variety of pre-verified interfaces that work out-of-box with S2C’s comprehensive family of Prodigy Logic Modules, which includes modules based on Xilinx Virtex UltraScaleKintex UltraScaleVirtex-7, and Kintex-7 All Programmable devices. Interfaces in the library now include general-purpose ports (GPIO, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, PCIe and PCI, Gigabit Ethernet, GMII and RGMII, and RS-232); high-speed GT-based ports (PCIe Gen2 and Gen 3, SFP+, and SATA); media-oriented peripherals (HDMI, DVI, MIPI, and VGA); and expansion ports (FMC and DDR2/3/4).

For more information about S2C’s Prodigy Logic Modules, see:

And don’t forget to get a copy of S2C’s new book on FPGA Prototyping, “PROTOTYPICAL: The Emergence of FPGA-based Prototyping for SoC Design.” (See “New S2C Book on FPGA Prototyping: Download it for free immediately before they change their minds!”)

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