SoCIP Road Shows to Stop at Shenzhen, Chengdu and Xi’an

Recaps the latest SoC Design Technologies from SoCIP 2010 Symposium

Shanghai, China – Aug 26th, 2010 SoCIP 2010 Road Show seminars will be making stops at Shenzhen on Sep 7th, Chengdu on Sep 8th and Xi’an on Sep 10th, showcasing the latest SoC design technologies from 2010 SoCIP sponsors: S2C, CAST, Innopower, Chips&Media, Cosmic Circuits, SpingSoft, Tensilica, Innosilicon, IP Goal, IPextreme, Northwest Logic, Renasas and Transwitch. The Road Show seminars will recap, in shorter time-frame, the SoC design technologies presented at the all-day SoCIP 2010 Symposium held in Shanghai and Beijing in June this year. The SoCIP 2010 Road Show seminars will be hosted at the local National Integrated Circuit Design Industrialization Center (ICC) in each city. All interested participants should register through e-mail or contact Michel Cao at +86 21 6887 9287.

The SoCIP 2010 Road Show seminars are cut down versions of the 3rd annual SoC IP Symposium held in Beijing and Shanghai which attracted over 300 qualified attendees and 14 exhibitors.  The Road Show seminars will last about 3 hours and split into 2 sessions with the first session focused on the latest IP technologies and the second session focused on SoC Prototyping and Prototype Ready™ IP technologies.  In the IP technology session, S2C will first introduce all IP technologies of the SoCIP 2010 sponsors, followed by speech given by Justin Yang, China General Manager of Innopower Technology, presenting how Innopower’s proven IP cores can overcome your SoC bottleneck.  Innopower Technology is wholly-owned subsidiary of Faraday Technology Corporation.   

In the SoC Prototyping and Prototype Ready IP technology session, S2C will introduce its 4th generation TAI Logic Modules based on multiple Altera Stratix-4 FPGA devices or Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA devices. These new TAI Logic Modules enable designers to prototype up to 16.4M ASIC gates on one board.  Besides FPGA prototyping hardware, S2C will also demonstrate TAI Player Pro version 3.3 that enables partitioning of a SoC design to multiple FPGAs and debug concurrently.  Finally, S2C will showcase a number of Prototype Ready IP running on S2C TAI Logic Module as reference designs including DDR2 at 667MHz, PCIe, H.264 Encoder and Gigabit Ethernet.  Prototype Ready IP can be used by SoC designers to quickly determine which IP to use and dramatically shorten IP integration time into the system.

SoCIP events are organized by S2C Inc., a leading rapid SoC prototyping company, headquartered in San Jose, CA with development and support centers in Shanghai and Beijing. SoCIP mission is to serve the SoC design community by providing technologies and product information that enable precise SoC-first pass success.

About SoCIP

SoCIP aims to serve the SoC design community by providing technologies and product information that enable precise SoC-building on the first try. Our vision is for a designer to rapidly assemble a SoC prototype by using commercial IP with minimal up-front cost, validate that the function is correct and then find the right Services provider to turn the prototype into a real silicon – all this is done to ensure that your SoC investment will give strong returns. SoCIP is organized by S2C Inc. and sponsored by leading silicon IP and SoC design technologies companies around the world. For more information about SoCIP 2010 or to register, please visit

About S2C

Founded and headquartered in San Jose, California, S2C has been successfully delivering rapid SoC prototyping tools since 2003.  S2C provides:

  • Rapid SoC FPGA-based prototyping hardware systems plus design and verification software.
  • Third-party Prototype Ready IP™
  • SoC design, prototype and production services

S2C’s value proposition is our highly qualified engineering team and customer-focused sales force that understands our customers’ commercial SoC development needs.  S2C’s unique FPGA-based electronic system level (ESL) solution, using our patented TAI IP technology, enables designers to quickly assemble FPGA-based SoC prototypes on S2C FPGA boards easily and securely.  This enables customers to start software development, typically the long pole item in development schedules, immediately.  Combining rapid prototyping methodologies with a comprehensive portfolio of Prototype Ready IP and advanced design solutions, S2C can reduce the SoC design cycle by up to nine months. 

S2C currently has 3 direct offices located in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen to meet the demand for accelerated SoC design activities in China. S2C is also the organizer of the annual SoCIP seminar and exhibition in China, which brings SoC designers/professionals from the Asia-Pacific region together with international silicon IP and SoC solution vendors. For more information, visit

Contacts for S2C:

Steve Pollock, S2C Inc., San Jose, Phone: +1 408 600-0547 Michel Cao, S2C Inc., Shanghai, Phone: +86 21 6887 9287


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