7 New Pre-Engineered Prototype Ready™ Accessories Released for S2C’s Rapid SoC Prototyping Solution

Speeds the Development of SoC Prototypes Used for System Verification and Software Development

San Jose, CA – January 10, 2011 – S2C Inc., a leading rapid SoC prototyping solutions provider, announced the addition of 7 new Prototype Ready accessories to its growing library of pre-engineered hardware and software components aimed at speeding the development of SoC prototypes.  These modules work with S2C’s TAI LM family of rapid SoC prototyping tools.

The newly released Prototype Ready accessory modules include:

  • USB2.0 PHY Interface Module
  • PCI Interface Module
  • 2-Channel PCI Master Interface Module
  • SPI Flash Memory Module
  • 2-Channel 256MB DDR2 on SO-DIMM Memory Module
  • 2GB DDR2 Pre-tested SO-DIMM Memory Module
  • 2GB DDR3 Pre-tested SO-DIMM Memory Module

These pre-engineered solutions enable the user to focus on the SoC prototype development rather than have to re-engineer solutions that have been engineered and documented by S2C.  "The new Prototype Ready accessories work out-of-box with the S2C's TAI Logic Module series. When building SoC prototypes on FPGA, designers simply choose the TAI Logic Modules that fit their design capacity requirements and then select the interface modules from our Prototype Ready library that fit their application.” said Mon-Ren Chene, Chairman and CTO of S2C. “With the addition of these 7 new Prototype Ready accessory modules, customers now have almost 40 different accessory modules to help them to rapidly build SoC prototypes instead of creating and debugging custom target accessory boards."

The new Prototype Ready accessories are suitable for various applications.  The USB2.0 PHY module provides UTMI interface to USB host or device. The PCI and PCI master interface module enables prototypes to connect with 32bit 33MHz PCI and PCI master socket. The 2-channel 256M byte DDR2 on SO-DIMM memory module provides 2-channels external DDR2 memory. The SPI flash memory module provides 128Mbit external flash memory. The 2G bytes pre-tested DDR2 and DDR3 SO-DIMM memory module are verified on both S2C’s new S4 and V6 TAI Logic Module so they can perform out-of-box up to 533Mbps for DDR2 and 10660Mbps for DDR3 data rates.

About S2C

Founded and  headquartered in San Jose, California, S2C has been successfully  delivering rapid SoC prototyping tools since 2003.  S2C provides:

  • Rapid SoC FPGA-based  prototyping hardware systems plus design and verification software.
  • Third-party Prototype Ready IP™
  • SoC design, prototype  and production services

S2C’s value proposition is our highly  qualified engineering team and customer-focused sales force that understands  our customers’ commercial SoC development needs.  S2C’s unique FPGA-based electronic  system level (ESL) solution, using our patented TAI IP technology, enables designers to quickly assemble  FPGA-based SoC prototypes on S2C FPGA boards easily and  securely.  This gives customers an early  start on software development, typically the long pole item in development  schedules. Combining rapid prototyping methodologies with a comprehensive portfolio  of Prototype Ready™ IP and advanced design solutions, S2C can greatly reduce  the SoC design cycle.

In addition to the  headquarters in San Jose, CA, S2C currently has 4 direct offices located in  Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and HsinChu. S2C is also the organizer of the  annual SoCIP  seminar and exhibition in China, which brings SoC  designers/professionals from the Asia-Pacific region together with  international silicon IP and SoC solution vendors. For more information, visit www.s2cinc.com.

Contacts for S2C:

Steve  Pollock, S2C Inc., San Jose,  Phone: +1 408 600-0547 Email:stevep@s2cinc.com                          

Michel Cao, S2C Inc., Shanghai, Phone: +86 21 6887 9287 Email:michelc@s2cinc.com


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