Novatek Places Major Repeat Order with S2C

S2C's FPGA-based Rapid Prototyping Solution accelerates Novatek's SoC Hardware and Software Development

San Jose, CA – December 5, 2011 – S2C announced that Novatek has placed a significant repeat order for S2C's FPGA-based rapid SoC prototyping solutions. Novatek, the 11th largest fabless semiconductor supplier in the world, has been using S2C's prototyping solutions to accelerate their SoC hardware and software development since 2009.

HH Liu, Novatek's Director of iHome Division said: "we have been using S2C's FPGA-based prototyping solutions on a wide range of SoC designs. We find that their products are very robust and that their customer support is outstanding." Novatek is using a mixture of Altera-based and Xilinx-based FPGA prototyping products from S2C.

Mon-Ren Chene, S2C's Chairman and CTO said," Novatek is a good example of a company using our FPGA-based prototyping to shorten both hardware and software development times. This results in Novatek getting to market sooner than they would with their previous design and verification methodologies". FPGA-based prototyping lets developers verify their designs at or close to actual operating speeds in the target environment. Once the hardware design is stable, the prototypes can be used as high performance early software development platforms. FPGA-based prototyping can shave months off of a SoC development schedule.

About Novatek

Novatek spun-off from UMC and was established in 1997, specializing in Display total solution and Image Processing related products.  The company is one of the largest FPD drivers and SoC suppliers in the world.  Novatek currently ranked No. 2 among the fabless companies in Taiwan, and No. 11 in the world.  For more information, please visit the company’s web site at

About S2C

Founded and headquartered in San Jose, California, S2C has been successfully delivering rapid SoC prototyping solutions since 2003. S2C provides:

  • Rapid SoC FPGA-based prototyping hardware and automation software
  • Prototype Ready™ IP, Platforms, and Accessories
  • System-level design verification and acceleration

S2C's value is our singular focus on SoC/ASIC development. Our highly qualified engineering team and customer-focused sales force understands our customers' SoC development needs. S2C's unique FPGA-based solution, using our patented TAI IP technology, enables designers to quickly assemble FPGA-based SoC prototypes on S2C FPGA boards. This gives customers an early start on software development, typically the long pole item in development schedules. Combining rapid prototyping methodologies with a comprehensive portfolio of Prototype Ready IP and advanced verification and acceleration solutions, S2C solutions greatly reduces the SoC design cycle.

In addition to the headquarters in San Jose, CA, S2C currently has 4 direct offices located in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen China and HsinChu, Taiwan. S2C is also the organizer of the annual SoCIP seminar and exhibition in China, which brings SoC designers from the Asia-Pacific region together with international silicon IP and SoC solution vendors. For more information, visit

Contacts for S2C:

Steve Pollock, S2C, USA, Phone: +1 408 600-0547
Michel Cao, S2C, China, Phone: +86 21 6887 9287 Email:


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