Latest S2C Xilinx SingleE Virtex-7 FPGA Prototyping Solution Boasts Smallest Form-Factor, All-Purpose, Stand-Alone System

Special Introductory Packaging and Pricing Available

San Jose, CA – December 10, 2014 - S2C Inc., a leading provider of FPGA-based rapid prototyping solutions, today announced the availability of its latest Xilinx SingleE Virtex-7 Logic Module. The S2C SingleE V7 Logic Module is the industry’s smallest form-factor (260mm X 170mm), all-purpose, stand-alone prototyping system based on Xilinx’s Virtex-7 2000T FPGA. The system utilizes S2C’s 5th generation technology, can handle up to 20M gate designs and features:

  • 960 I/Os on 8 high-speed connectors
  • Access to a library of over 70 daughter cards for quickly building a prototype target
  • On-board DDR3 SO-DIMM socket extending to 8 GB of memory running at 1600MB/s
  • Remote control management through Ethernet and USB for programmable clock generations, design resets, virtual I/Os and switches, I/O voltage setting, and monitoring of voltage/current/temperature and read back hardware status
  • Multiple SingleE V7 Logic Module management from one PC

“Our SingleE V7 Logic Module is the most powerful and cost effective solution in its class. Its advanced capabilities further establish the superiority of our popular and complete line of V7 prototyping solutions,” commented Toshio Nakama, CEO of S2C.

Ideal Solution for Block-Level and Algorithm Development

Coupled with S2C’s ProtoBridge™ software that accelerates FPGA verification using co-modeling technology, the SingleE V7 Logic Module is the perfect platform for IP and algorithm creation. Engineers are able to leverage the strengths of system-level simulation and RTL-level design accuracy, shorten design and verification time, and ensure higher product quality through improved test coverage.

Designers can achieve these goals with the ability to

  • Link FPGA prototyping to ESL simulations for model availability and accuracy
  • Validate SoC software on the target architecture and design algorithm in real hardware,
  • Read/write data at speeds of up to 500MB/second data through the PCIe Gen2 interface from computers to AXI-based designs mapped to the logic module
  • Create corner test cases in software and run exercises on the prototype
  • Run regression tests on their FPGA prototype utilizing vectors stored in the host computer

“The compatibility with our powerful ProtoBridge technology will allow our customers to realize the advantages of FPGA prototyping much earlier in their design process,” added Toshio. “We are pleased to offer users a special year-end bundle deal with our SingleE V7 Logic Module and ProtoBridge to further entice them to experience the benefits for themselves.”

Special Packaging and Pricing

S2C is offering introductory pricing from now until the end of the year along with an exclusive bundle deal with its popular ProtoBridge software solution. Please contact your local sales representative for more information.

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