Northwest Logic and S2C Deliver Validated MIPI Solution

Mobile Developers Now Have a Complete IP and FPGA Prototyping Solution Set

BEAVERTON, Oregon and SAN JOSE, Calif. – May 4, 2015 – Northwest Logic and S2C, Inc. announced today that Northwest Logic’s Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Camera Serial Interface (CSI-2) Controller and Display Serial Interface (DSI) Controller have been fully validated on S2C’s FPGA Prototyping Platforms.  The cores are now a part of S2C’s expansive library of Prodigy Prototype Ready™ interfaces. The integrated solutions allow developers of mobile devices to quickly build an FPGA verification environment with an integrated MIPI CSI-2 or DSI core and speed up time-to-market. 

S2C’s MIPI D-PHY Prototyping Kit includes one S2C MIPI D-PHY Interface Module, one OV2710 Camera Module, and one 70WW2A WVGA Display. The MIPI Module supports the fully defined MIPI Rx Interface and MIPI Tx Interface through an MMCX connector. A fully defined MIPI interface requires one clock lane and four data lanes using Meticom MC20901 as a Rx D-PHY chip and Meticom MC20902 as a Tx D-PHY chip. MIPI D-PHY Interface Module occupies one Logic Module connector and can be used on S2Cs Prodigy Virtex-7 Series Logic Modules.

The Prodigy MIPI D-PHY Interface Module features:

  • 5 Pairs MMCX for MIPI Rx
  • 5 Pairs MMCX for MIPI Tx
  • MC20901 conversion of SLVS input to LVDS output up to 1.4Gbps
  • MC20902 conversion of LVDS input to SLVS output up to 1.4Gbps
  • Support Bus Turnaround option on Channel E
  • On board level shifter circuitry to support 1.2V~1.8V I/O
  • On board I2C Interface to Camera and Display
  • Occupies one LM connector

“Designs using the popular MIPI standard require interfaces to operate at very low power while still operating at high performance and high speeds,” commented Toshio Nakama, CEO of S2C, Inc. “Developers of mobile devices can take advantage of the speed and confidence that our work with Northwest Logic has created.”

Northwest Logic and S2C have developed a demo to showcase the effectiveness of the integrated solutions.  The video captures video data through a camera using an CSI-2 interface, stores the data into DDR3 memory, and then transfers the data via a DSI channel and display.  The demo utilizes Northwest Logic’s MIPI CSI-2 camera controller, DSI display controller and DDR3 controller IP cores.  The demo features support for multi-lane MIPI CSI-2 and DSI operations and pause capability.  This demo will be featured at this year’s Design Automation Conference, June 8-10, in the S2C booth #3108.

“This demo features Northwest Logic’s CSI-2, DSI and DDR3 Controllers, in S2C’s FPGA Prototyping Platforms, providing customers with a very fast path to hardware verification so critical in the fast-moving mobile devices market.” said Brian Daellenbach, President of Northwest Logic.  “Once verification has been completed, these same IP cores may be seamlessly retargeted to ASIC technologies.  We are very pleased to be showcasing this capability at DAC.”


S2C’s Prodigy MIPI D-PHY Interface Module is available now.

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