Solution Extends Support to Include Prodigy Arria 10 Logic Module

San Jose, CA – May 30, 2017 -
 S2C Inc., a worldwide leader of FPGA-based prototyping solutions for today’s innovative designs, announced today that its Prodigy™ Player Pro Runtime, Compile, and Debug Software has been upgraded with a new GUI and cockpit to make configuration of FPGA prototypes more intuitive. Player Pro also now supports S2C’s Prodigy Arria 10 Logic Module series based on Intel’s Arria 10 FPGA. Guided partitioning is now included for all our Prodigy Logic Module users without the need to invoke a separate compile license.

“The updates to our Player Pro system will help our users be more efficient,” commented Toshio Nakama, CEO of S2C, Inc. “Designers and verification engineers will continue to be able to perform basic FPGA prototyping setup while being able to easily transition to advanced partitioning and multiple FPGA debug capabilities. We are excited to extend this support to our latest Arria 10 Logic Module.”

About Player Pro – Configuration, Partitioning, and Multi-Debug

Prodigy Player Pro is a tool that works with the Prodigy Logic Module family of FPGA-based prototyping platforms from S2C. Player Pro plays three roles in speeding your development process – it configures the prototype, runs remote system monitoring and control, and provides set up for multi-FPGA debugging. Users can perform RTL probing, auto & guided partitioning, pin-multiplexing insertion, black boxing (to speed up partition time), and clock & I/O assignments all through an automated compile flow. Controlling the target Prodigy Logic Module can be done directly from the same software console through either USB or Ethernet connections. Multiple FPGA configurations, hardware monitoring, system control, hardware self-testing, and virtual switches and indicators for status monitoring and condition setting, can all be handled remotely. Debug Setup and Multiple FPGA Debug includes integrated in-circuit debug setup, RTL-level probes, large numbers of probes without re-compile, and large external waveform storage. Prodigy Player Pro is tightly integrated with S2C’s Prodigy Multi-Debug Module that allows for simultaneous debugging of multiple FPGA boards that will significantly reduce error prone issues that arise with manual single FPGA debug methods as well as drastically speed up FPGA prototyping debug.

Prodigy Player Pro can be seen in action in the S2C Booth #739 at the Design Automation Conference in Austin, June 19-21.

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