S2C Launches Rapid Prototyping Virtex-5 TAI Logic Module with USB-Enabled Software Runtime Control


San Jose, Calif. – February 25, 2008—SiS2C Inc., a provider of FPGA-Based SoC Design solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its third-generation rapid SoC prototyping tool, Virtex-5 TAI Logic Module.

Equipped with two Xilinx LX series Virtex-5 FPGAs, the Dual Virtex-5 TAI Logic Module supplies up to 6.6 million ASIC gates of capacity. Foremost among new features is the ability to run TAI Logic Module's key functions from PC via an on-board USB interface. Users can generate clocks, download to FPGA, and self-test hardware through the TAI Player runtime software shipped with TAI Logic Module.

"We chose S2C's Virtex-5 series TAI Logic Module for design verification and early software development based on our success in using their earlier Virtex-4 series product line, " says Ming-Qiang Cheng, Engineering Manager at Spreadtrum Communications (NASDAQ: SPRD). "Compared to building FPGA prototypes in-house, adopting an established off-the-shelf FPGA platform let our engineers concentrate on what they do best - chip design research and development.  S2C's price-performance proposition and dedicated support are compelling reasons for us to continue using TAI Logic Module as our platform of choice."

Additional new features include on-board DDR2 DIMM SoCkets supporting up to 4Gbytes of memory, three on-board programmable clock generators running from 0.5 to 200 MHz, and equal length IO for optimal performance with user target systems. The new Virtex-5 series TAI Logic Module maintains an identical architecture with the previous Virtex-4 generation of TAI Logic Module, allowing existing customers to re-use their daughter boards. S2C also provides numerous off-the-shelf accessory modules to accelerate customers' construction of FPGA prototypes for their applications.

"Aside from a stable prototyping environment, our customers have indicated ease-of-use as a crucial element in their selection of FPGA tools, so we've worked hard to improve the level of integration between our hardware and software offerings", noted Mon-Ren Chene, CTO of S2C. "Our TAI Player software has been upgraded and fully supports the Virtex-5 TAI Logic Module to give designers greater control over the design flow process, from synthesis partitioning and RTL-level probe setup to FPGA place-and-route."

The Virtex-5 series of prototyping modules can be stacked for additional capacity and is fully backward compatible with the earlier generation Virtex-4 TAI Logic Modules. For more information on V-5 TAI Logic Module, please go tohttp://www.s2cinc.com/product/tailm_v5_overview.htm.

The Virtex-5 TAI Logic Module is available now. For local sales information, please go to http://www.s2cinc.com/corporate/contact_us.htm.

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Press Contact: Allen Tan S2C Corporate Marketing Manager (408) 213-8818 allent@s2cinc.com