S2C Unveils New FPGA-Based SoC Design Tool Set: TAI Pod + TAI Player

Enables Use of TAI IP Design Methodology with User and 3rd-Party FPGA Prototype Boards

San Jose, Calif. — Jan. 22, 2007—S2C Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the world's first tool set to transform FPGA prototypes into ESL tools. TAI Pod + TAI Player enable SoC/SIP developers to implement system level designs using TAI IP, an FPGA-based IP format, on all TAI-compliant FPGA prototypes — including user and 3rd-party FPGA prototype boards — and to link these designs in FPGA prototypes with in-simulation ESL models, such as those in SystemC. TAI Pod + TAI Player deliver an array of runtime and debugging features to help developers eliminate many of the challenges commonly encountered in building SoC/SIP prototypes on FPGA.

"A targeted FPGA-Based SoC Design design solution provides significant value to today's IP-based SoC/SIP designs by enabling developers to go directly from architectural specification to FPGA prototype and immediately start SoC software development at real- or near-real-time speed, " says Mon-Ren Chene, CTO of S2C. "TAI Pod + TAI Player is the industry's first unbundled tool set to transform all TAI-compliant FPGA prototypes into FPGA-Based SoC Design tools."

TAI Pod is a hardware module that links user FPGA prototypes to PC through a USB2.0 interface, while TAI Player is a compile-flow automation software application that interfaces to TAI Pod for runtime, debugging, and security-enhancing features. Together, TAI Pod + TAI Player provide exceptionally rich functionality in the following four areas: user design compile from TAI IP or RTL target to FPGA prototype; runtime control of FPGA prototypes including download, clock generation, and self-test; design debugging in FPGA prototypes using S2C's Integrated Logic Analyzer or simulation links; and security enhancement for IP evaluation and integration.

A key TAI Pod + TAI Player technology is S2C's proprietary dynamic interconnect and debugging channel methodology, which intelligently links multiple FPGAs so that large-scale SoC designs can be effortlessly Site Mapped onto a large number of FPGAs while still retaining the capacity to be debugged. TAI Pod + TAI Player run on S2C's own TAI Logic Module product line as well as TAI-compliant user and 3rd-party FPGA prototype boards. For more information about TAI Pod + TAI Player, please Contact Us at sales@s2cinc.com.

About S2C  S2C Inc. develops and produces advanced electronic system level (ESL) and system-on-chip (SoC) prototyping solutions that accelerate and simplify the integration of embedded systems into chips.

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