Single-FPGA Prototyping

Aimed at medium complexity or IP-level designs, S2C provides a large selection of Prototyping Systems with single FPGAs from both Altera and Xilinx.  S2C’s high-capacity Single Prodigy™ Virtex 7 Logic Modules can prototype a design up to 20 million gates in size, and the Company’s low-cost Prodigy Kintex 7 Logic Modules can prototype a design up to 4.1 million gates.  All systems come with S2C’s Prodigy Player Pro runtime software to enable remote control of the prototyping system through both Ethernet and USB for features such as: programmable clock generations, design resets, virtual I/Os and switches, I/O voltage settings, monitoring on-board voltage/current/temperature and read back hardware status.

S2C’s single-FPGA systems can be bundled with the Prodigy ProtoBridge™ software, which supplies an AXI transactor interface between a software program in C/C++/SC/SV and a DUT in an FPGA. Data is communicated through a PCIe interface supporting transfer speeds up to 500 Mbytes/sec, providing a perfect development platform for early design exploration and debugging.

Additionally, all Prodigy Logic Modules are compatible with S2C’s library of Prodigy Prototype Ready™ IP, allowing for the quick construction of prototypes capable of system validation, software development, and compatibility testing.



  Design Exploration
  System Validation
  Software Development
  Compatibility Testing