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V6 TAI Verification Module

The S2C V6 TAI Verification Module (VM) provides three usage modes: Verification Mode, Debug Mode and Logic Mode. In Verification Mode, the V6 TAI VM enables the transfer of large amounts of data from/to a PC through a x4-lane PCIe Gen2 interface using SCE-MI or customizable C-API. In Debug Mode, the V6 TAI VM enables simultaneous debugging of multiple FPGAs using Xilinx ChipScope with user’s RTL net names. In Logic Mode, the V6 TAI VM can prototype a design with capacity up to 4.7M gates and with a number of high-speed interfaces built on-board: USB3, SATA2, PCIe Gen2 and high-speed Serdes. All  debug and verification setup for the VM is done in  the TAI Player Pro software.