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SoC Prototyping Tools

To assist designers to efficiently and rapidly build their FPGA prototypes, S2C provided a complete solution including:

  • TAI Logic Modules - High-performance, large-capacity and scalable FPGA prototyping hardware from 1.8 Million ASIC gates to 32.8 Million ASIC gates.
  • Prototype Ready™ IP, Reference Designs and Accessories - a large library of off-the-shelf accessory modules, IP and reference designs to enable designers to instantly connect their FPGA prototypes to external interfaces to form complete systems.
  • TAI Player Pro™ - software to map your designs onto the TAI Logic Modules and a complete suite of FPGA-Based SoC Design and Verification Software to turn your FPGA prototyping platform into a system level design and debug environment
  • Both Altera and Xilinx flows are supported.

FPGA Prototyping Hardware

  Off-the-shelf FPGA-based prototyping hardware is an effective means to create SoC and ASIC prototypes. S2C's TAI Logic Module series are designed especially with performance, flexibility, and affordability in mind. Find out more about our latest Altera Stratix-4 and Xilinx Virtex 6 TAI Logic Modules that can prototype up to 32.8 M ASIC gates on one single module and run DDR3 memories up to 800 MHz!

Prototype Ready™ IP, Reference Designs and Accessories

  S2C provides a large library of off-the-shelf Prototype Ready TAI Logic Module accessories, reference designs and IP to further speed up and simplify your system prototyping process. The modules include interfaces to popular ARM processors, all different types of memories, high-speed serial links, general-purpose PC interfaces and popular multimedia standards.

FPGA-Based SoC Design and Verification Software

  Transform your FPGA-based prototypes to FPGA-based system-level design tools with S2C's TAI Compiler, TAI Player Pro and TAI Browser software applications. Elevate your design efforts at the system level, bringing greater ease of use and abstracting the necessary level of detail in your implementation, through S2C's FPGA-Based SoC Design and Verification Software suite. Find out more about the latest TAI Player Pro that features new Multi-FPGA Internal Logic Analyzer (ILA) that is seamlessly integrated into your FPGA prototyping compile and debugging flow.

As the complexity of SoC/ASIC increases, the task of comprehensive validation becomes top challenges for most chip design companies. Software simulations are just not enough to verify the hardware designs are correct – due to both simulation speed and modeling accuracy. Running your SoC designs on FPGA prototypes have become the most reliable way to ensure that your designs are functionally correct and enables software development to begin long before the silicon is ready, often shaving months off of the overall development cycle.