TAI Player Pro - Debug

S2C’s TAI Player Pro software, together with TAI Verification Module hardware, supports multi-FPGA debug using Altera SignalTap or Xilinx ChipScope Logic Analyzers.  Multi-FPGA debug flow is fully automated and integrated in TAI Player's compile flow and supports trace name using the original RTL names.

Key Features:

  1. Debug across multiple FPGAs using a single Logic Analyzer
2. Automates the use of Altera SignalTap and Xilinx ChipScope Logic Analyzesr for multiple FPGAs
3. Uses the original RTL names
4. Trigger and Trace signals concurrently from up to 4 FPGA without rerunning FPGA place and route
5. Trace up to 960 bits wide. Depth depends on the available memory in the FPGA.

TAI Player Pro debug flow requires a S4 TAI Verification Module hardware to run the Altera SignalTap analyzer and a V6 TAI Verification Module to run the Xilinx ChipScope analyzer.

Example set up with S4 TAI Verification Module debugging a 4 FPGA design in Quad S4 TAI Logic Module.

Select Probes in RTL Names


Assign Probes to Logic Analyzer on Verification Module from 4 FPGA


Debug Probes from 4 FPGA in Altera SignalTap with RTL Names


Debug Probes from 4 FPGA in Xilinx ChipScope with RTL Names