TAI Player Pro - Verification Overview

TAI Player Pro Verification software facilitates comprehensive verification of user designs in FPGA prototypes from PC test benches. For some applications, real world stimulus may not be enough to fully validate a SoC design. The software facilitates comprehensive verification of user’s design in FPGA prototypes from a computer generated test bench and gets the results back into PC for analysis.

TAI Player Pro Verification Software requires either a Stratix-4 TAI Verification Module or a Virtex-6 TAI Verification Module and uses the x4 PCIe Gen2 to transfer massive and fast data from/to PC. 

Operation Modes:

   C-API software generates an x4 PCIe Gen2 channel infrastructure with read, write and DMA C-API functions in the PC and an AMBA Bus interface for users to instantiate in their design in FPGA for transferring data to/from the PC.
 SCE-MI software compiles a SCE-MI based co-modeling design simply by inputting your design under test (DUT) and transactors into the software. TAI Player Pro automatically generates the SCE-MI software-side and hardware-side infrastructure targeting x4 PCIe Gen2 link on S2C TAI Verification Modules.

Example of Massive and fast data Read/Write from PC to Dual V6 TAI Logic Module using V6 TAI Verification Module.