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MIPI CSI-2 Controller

The MIPI CSI-2 Controller Core provides a flexible, high-performance, easy-to-use Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Camera Serial Interface 2 (CSI-2) controller. Implements all 3 CSI-2 MIPI Layers (Pixel to Byte packing, Low Level Protocol, Lane Management). Supports CSI-2 Unidirectional Master operation.Scalable data lane support, 1 to 4 Data Lanes. Supports high speed (1+ Gbit/s) and low power lane operation. Support for all data formats. Virtual Channel support.Sleep Mode support.Support for Low Power Escape Mode sequences. Error collection support.


  •  Best-in-class MIPI CSI-2 Controller core
  •  Implements all three CSI-2 MIPI layers including Pixel to Byte Packing Formats, Low Level Protocol and Lane Management Layer
  •  Fully compliant with the current version of the MIPI CSI-2 specification
  •  Supports PHY Protocol Interface (PPI) compatible MIPI D-PHYs
  •  Supports transmitter or receiver operation, 1-4 data lanes, virtual channels, and all data formats
  •  Specifically designed for ease-of-use, optional AXI and AHB interfaces, error collection support
  •  Full configurability
  •  Comprehensive MIPI verification environment

Block Diagram