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New Prodigy Player Pro-7 Prototyping Software

S2C's new Player Pro-7 software release delivers high performance and faster time-to-implementation with RTL partitioning, enhanced timing analyzer, and SerDes-based TDM. The Player Pro-7 is available now. For more information, please contact your local S2C sales representative, or visit www.s2cinc.com
User management, resource management, remote hardware control, reporting and messaging - Neuro is a powerful enterprise tool to manage and control your prototyping environment, making it easier to centralize your prototyping, and to get more ROIs. Contact S2C for more information.

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High-bandwidth PC-to-DUT Connectivity with ProtoBridge

ProtoBridge AXI from S2C enables designers to maximize the benefits of FPGA-based prototypes early in the design project and corner case testing by providing a high bandwidth datapath between software running on a workstation and the FPGA prototype. This white paper elaborates on the key FPGA-based prototyping challenges and considerations to see how S2C ProtoBridge helps address them.

Innobase Improves Verification Efficiency with S2C FPGA Prototyping Solutions | Success Story

By adopting S2C's VU19P-based prototyping hardware, Innobase was able to conduct sufficient operational testing of their 5G SoCs prior to silicon.
Read more to learn how FPGA prototyping improves verification efficiency.


S2C Paves Way to Digital Innovation with Cutting-Edge Chip Design Verification Solutions | SEMI

Ying Chen, S2C Vice President Marketing and International Sales, has talked about trends and new applications in semiconductor design hardware verification and system validation. Ying also pointed out "Time-to-market is more important than ever before and require design teams to be nimble and work smarter. "

Stand-Out Veteran Provider of FPGA Prototyping Solutions at #59 DAC | SemiWiki

DAC 2022 was a successful conference for S2C, firmly establishing S2C as the leading independent FPGA prototyping supplier. Not only did S2C roll out its newest prototyping software Prodigy Player Pro-7 boosting productivity, S2C also showcased multi-FPGA debug and the latest AMD and Intel-based prototyping systems.
About S2C:

S2C is a leading global supplier of FPGA prototyping solutions for today's innovative SoC and ASIC designs, now with the second largest share of the global prototyping market. S2C has been successfully delivering rapid SoC prototyping solutions since 2003. With over 500 customers, including 6 of the world's top 15 semiconductor companies, our world-class engineering team and customer-centric sales team are experts at addressing our customer's SoC and ASIC verification needs. S2C has offices and sales representatives in the US, Europe, mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan.
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