• QuadE V7-2000T Platform
  • ProtoBridge™ AXI
  • K7 TAI Logic Module
  • Prototype Ready™ Library
  • SoC Prototyping Solution
  • Prototype Setup Software
  • Shorten Time-To-Market

S2C Opens Direct Office in Japan
S2C ProtoBridge™ AXI Expands FPGA-Based Prototype Usage 2014-07-02
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It’s time to upgrade your prototyping platform to
V7-2000T FPGA
What I think about Xilinx Virtex-7 2000T & Vivado Design Kit 2013-03-11
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Mentor Forum
July 2, Nagoya; July 4, Tokyo, Japan
Oct 3, Shin Yokohama, Japan
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