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Overview of S2C Customer Ingenic Semiconductor

Ingenic Semiconductor has its own ultra-low power CPU technology XBurst. XBurst adopts an innovative pipeline engine that can emit instructions with very little power consumption. The performance, silicon area and power consumption of XBurst outperform most of the existent industry-embedded CPU cores.

XBurst-based JZ47XX series SOC product has the best-in-class performance and price ratio. It has penetrated into the e-dictionary, PMP, eBook, and Tablet market quickly since its inception at 2007 and shipped more than 30M units since then XBurst provides a unique solution for the embedded and mobile market.


Using S2C's rapid SoC prototyping solutions, Ingenic was able to verify its logic implementation and optimize its 32-bit CPU project development process. Ingenic must always keep up with the challenges of an ever-changing consumer market while speeding up product development cycles and reducing time to market. At the same time, under these dynamic market conditions, they must make sure that the product is sufficiently valid.

S2C Solution

"By utilizing S2C's rapid SoC prototyping solutions, we can put more and more logic into the FPGA for verification. In the past, we only put parts of the design into the FPGA. This time, we were able to put so much more logic into the Dual Prodigy LM Stratix IV FPGA prototype boards. Since there was more logic in the FPGA prototype, it did take some additional times at the beginning of the project. Within the S2C's AE team's help, now we can verify the whole design in the FPGA prototype. What's more, this will save lots of time in the following project." Said Yan Xiaojing.

"The capacity and flexibility are really excellent, enabling us to put nearly the whole design into the Prodigy LM. We can not only develop the drivers before the tape-out but also develop the multi-media applications during tape-out, thus greatly improving our overall efficiency." Said Yan Xiaojing.

Xilinx & Altera FPGA prototyping boards


  • FPGA prototyping board capacity limitations were eliminated with S2C's rapid SoC prototyping solutions providing single, dual and quad Xilinx & Altera FPGA prototyping boards

  • Ingenic saved development time because of S2C's efficient Prodigy Logic Module FPGA board design & development cycle and S2C's broad array of flexible motherboards and daughter boards

  • S2C's pre-and post-sales support helped Ingenic quickly build their FPGA verification environment


Using S2C's rapid SoC prototyping solutions, Ingenic can reliably set up a XBurst SoC prototyping implementation in only one or two days rather than weeks or months.

"Now our design occupied about 80% resources of the latest Dual Prodigy S4 Logic Modules. The high capacity helps us to fully verify the design."Said Yan Xiaojing. "We can focus on the innovation of the 32-bit CPU and multi-media applications instead of having to build our own prototype environment. S2C's solutions and support really reduce the design cycles and risks. We can get to the market earlier. Logic will grow more and more complex and powerful in the future. We are looking forward to building long-term cooperation with S2C, and utilizing the Quad S4 820 TAI LM, the S4 Prodigy Logic Module and co-simulation on our future projects."

Ingenic Semiconductor Customer Reviews

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