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S2C Newsletter – 2023Q4
S2C Newsletter – 2023Q4

S2C, a global leader in FPGA prototyping, offers the Prodigy complete prototyping solution to accelerate design verification and shift left. Featuring ready-to-use daughter cards and a robust software suite, this solution provides ideal environments for enhanced verification efficiency. As one of functional verification tools, Prodigy FPGA prototyping enables hardware-software co-development and early product demonstrations, paving the way for rapid market entry.

S2C Newsletter – 2023Q3
S2C Newsletter – 2023Q3

S2C, a recognized leader in FPGA-based prototyping solutions, announces the release of S8-40 Prodigy Logic System, featuring the latest generation FPGA from AMD. Supporting high bandwidth connectivity including PCIe Gen5 and PAM4, S8-40 effectively addresses the verification needs of high bandwidth applications such as storage, AI, and GPU chip designs.

S2C Newsletter – 2023Q2
S2C Newsletter – 2023Q2

S2C offers a complete Prodigy Prototyping Toolchain for quick system bring-up, including Player Pro software, MDM Pro multi-FPGA debug tool, high bandwidth ProtoBridge for PC to DUT connectivity and an extensive collection of over 90 daughter cards. This cohesive toolset provides engineers an efficient and user-friendly configuration suite, offering a comprehensive and simplified solution for all their prototyping requirements.

S2C Newsletter – 2023Q1
S2C Newsletter – 2023Q1

S2C offers complete FPGA prototyping solutions for ASIC/SoC validation and verification. We help engineers accelerate software development, hardware verification, and system validation, providing a comprehensive and reliable solution for complex designs. 

S2C Newsletter – 2022Q4
S2C Newsletter – 2022Q4

Complete FPGA prototyping solutions for SoC/ASIC verification & validation, helping engineers to accelerate software development, hardware verification, and system validation. Let's schedule more discussion with S2C experts focused on your unique prototyping requirements in 2023 events.

S2C Newsletter - 2022Q3
S2C Newsletter - 2022Q3

Choose from a wide range of S2C's Prodigy Logic System platforms, and select from S2C's plug-and-play Prototyping IP (daughter-boards) for quick prototype bring-up, all managed with S2C's powerful Prodigy Player Pro prototyping software – or step up to 64-FPGAs in a standard server rack with S2C's ultra-high-density Prodigy Logic Matrix LX2. Whatever your FPGA prototyping needs, S2C has what you need.

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What type of chip are you designing
What is the capacity of the ASIC gate included in the design?
5 million-20 million
20 million-50 million
50 million-100 million
100 million-1 billion
More than 1 billion
Which FPGA do you prefer to use?
Xilinx VU440
Xilinx KU115
Xilinx VU19P
Xilinx VU13P
Xilinx VU9P
Intel S10-10M
Intel S10-2800
Not sure, need professional advice
What kind of FPGA configuration do you need?
Single FPGA
Four FPGAs
Eight FPGAs
Not sure, need professional advice
What kind of peripheral interface do you need?
How many prototype verification platforms do you need?
Do you need the following tools?
Segmentation tool
Multiple FPGA debugging tools
Co-modeling tool (allows large amounts of data to interact between FPGA and PC host)
When do you need to use our products?
0-6 months
6-12 months
More than 12 months
Not sure
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