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Prodigy Logic Matrix

Prodigy™ Logic Matrix is a high-density FPGA prototyping platform architected from the ground up to meet today's needs for both hyperscale design verification and operation performance. Optimized for space and connectivity, S2C prodigy logic matrix is designed for multi-system expansion to support billions of ASIC gate capacity.  This platform is ideal for addressing the ever-increasing complexity and performance requirements in large-scale SoC designs for applications such as 5G, data center, AI/ML, and autonomous driving.

Advantages of Using S2C's Prodigy Logic Matrix

  • Industry-leading density and capacity-up to 3.136 billion ASIC gates in single standard server rack

  • Hierarchical connectivity to support ­flexible topology and hyperscale design validation at prototyping performance

  • Highly modular design to simplify deployment, maintenance, and expansion in standard server racks

  • Multi-usages: early software development, full system prototyping, high performance regression


Prodigy Logic Matrix Configuration Table

Logic Matrix LX2 Configuration Table

Estimated ASIC Gates (M)98196294392
FPGAs2 * XCVU19P4 * XCVU19P6 * XCVU19P8 * XCVU19P
System Logic Cell (K)17,87635,75253,62871,504
FPGA Memory (Mb)331.8663.6995.41327.2
DSP Slices7,68015,36023,04030,720
User I/Os2,9125,8248,73611,648
High-speed Transceiver160320480640
Prodigy Connectors (144 IOs)18365472
MCIO Connectors (4 GTY + 8 IOs)4080120160

Logic Matrix LX1 Configuration Table

Estimated ASIC Gates (M)60120180240
FPGAs2 * XCVU4404 * XCVU4406 * XCVU4408 * XCVU440
System Logic Cell (K)11,08022,16033,24044,320
FPGA Memory (Mb)177.2354.4531.6708.8
DSP Slices5,76011,52017,28023,040
User I/Os2,4964,9927,4889,984
GTH Transceivers96192288384
Prodigy Connectors (144 IOs)16324864
PGT Connectors (8 GTH + 8 IOs)2468
MSAS Connectors (4 GTH + 8 IOs)20406080

Learn more about Prodigy Logic Matrix

New Benchmark in High-performance & High-density Prototyping

Logic Matrix address high-performance fpga prototyping by providing a flexible connectivity architecture with 3 levels of hierarchy: ShortBridge with interconnection modules between neighboring FPGAs; SysLink to connect FPGAs over high bandwidth cables, and TransLink for longer distance links between FPGA SerDes over MCIO cables.

S2C Delivers on Plan to Scale-Up FPGA Prototyping Platforms to Billions of Gates

More usable gates per FPGA means fewer FPGAs, fewer FPGA interconnects, and higher performance for the same prototyped design. With an estimated gate capacity of 392 million gates per LX2, a fully populated standard server rack with 8 LX2's enables an estimated prototyping capacity of over 3 billion ASIC gates.

What are the features of Logic Matrix?

Hyperscale designs now range into the billions of ASIC gates. Although these complex designs are demanding, LX2 combines the largest FPGA available from Xilinx with an architecture designed for interconnect optimization, using fpga xilinx board. Constructed to ensure high reliability and robust operation, the LX2 addresses enterprise-class considerations including real-time system monitors, efficient cooling, and redundant hot-pluggable power supplies.

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