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Accelerate Your Design Process with Prodigy S7-19P FPGA Prototyping Platform
Apr 11, 2023
Prodigy S7-19P Logic Systems from S2C are a prime option for IC designers who demand high logic capacity, interconnectivity, and bandwidth. These systems are based on Xilinx's highest capacity FPGA, the Virtex UltraScale+ VU19P FPGA.
How Do I Choose Which Solution to Implement?
Jan 31, 2023
Now that you understand when and why you need FPGA prototyping, you need to know the various FPGA prototyping solutions that you can employ to maximize your investment. To set up your analysis for the...
Prototype Verification System VS Hardware Emulator, Which One Is Better?
Oct 10, 2022
People always ask me, "Which one is better, a prototyping system or a hardware emulator?"Why is there such a difficult choice? It's just because that today's chips are too large and ...
What Is Prototyping Cloud?
Sep 22, 2022
In the era of data explosion, everyone is going to the Cloud. In addition to the well-known storage Cloud and medical Cloud, do you know what "Cloud" is? Today we're going to talk about ...
What Are The Main Reasons For The Failure Of Soc Design Tape-Out?
Sep 22, 2022
Can you believe that experienced people’s words have already become a golden rule in the industry. Moore, an insider, has done it, "The number of transistors that can be accommodated on an IC wi...
Know More About Prototype Verification
Sep 22, 2022
The design, verification and manufacture of chips are all inseparable from EDA tools. The verification runs through the entire chip design process, and the verification time usually accounts for about...
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What type of chip are you designing
What is the capacity of the ASIC gate included in the design?
5 million-20 million
20 million-50 million
50 million-100 million
100 million-1 billion
More than 1 billion
Which FPGA do you prefer to use?
Xilinx VU440
Xilinx KU115
Xilinx VU19P
Xilinx VU13P
Xilinx VU9P
Intel S10-10M
Intel S10-2800
Not sure, need professional advice
What kind of FPGA configuration do you need?
Single FPGA
Four FPGAs
Eight FPGAs
Not sure, need professional advice
What kind of peripheral interface do you need?
How many prototype verification platforms do you need?
Do you need the following tools?
Segmentation tool
Multiple FPGA debugging tools
Co-modeling tool (allows large amounts of data to interact between FPGA and PC host)
When do you need to use our products?
0-6 months
6-12 months
More than 12 months
Not sure
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