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Overview of Leadcore Technology

The predecessor of Leadcore is Datang Mobile (Shanghai) Communications Equipment Co.,Ltd. As a TD-SCDMA fundamental technology provider, Leadcore Tech has been dedicated to providing terminal manufacturers and design houses leading TD-SCDMA mobile phone terminal solutions and chipsets. The terminal solutions have been adopted by key terminal developers.

At the same time of an excellent market performance achieved, together with customers and partners, Leadcore keeps on making contributions to the sustainable development of the Chinese communication industry and embracing the world of Chinese communication enterprises. The headquarters are located in Shanghai, and Leadcore has more than 1000 employees in the world. Its TD-SCDMA chip and integrated solutions, cover the characteristics of mobile phones, smartphones and converged end-products, providing mature and stable, comprehensive breakdown of product program selection for more than 40 global terminal manufacturers.


TD-SCDMA is a Chinese mobile telephone standard. Leadcore has a deep understanding of the TD-SCDMA terminal technology and the market; having created a number of industry firsts in end-product solutions.  Leadcore must always keep up with the challenges of offering complete end-to-end solutions and products for TD-LTE networks, including core, access and test terminals to assist customers improve network performance and facilitate future evolution and development.

As a leader in TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE industry is full of challenges because the technology and speed requirements are more and more complex so Leadcore needs a scalable, stable and flexible prototyping system for the sub-system verification and software debugging.

S2C Solution

Leadcore liked the fact that S2C's Prodigy Logic Module is so scalable and flexible. Leadcore was able to verify the sub-system and develop the software simultaneously while taping out the chip. Also, they were able to put the whole system in the Prodigy Logic Module to verify the logic. Leadcore's first attempt took some time, but with the quick response and advice of S2C's AE team, Leadcore can quickly build the prototype verification system for the following projects.

S2C's Large capacity, high scalability, cost-effective and quick response, enable Leadcore to verify, optimize and perfect the algorithms and greatly improve overall efficiency. Using S2C's Prodigy LM prototyping system enables Leadcore to get to market earlier.

S2C's Prodigy LM prototyping system


  • Able to verify algorithms and optimize the entire  SoC design

  • The concurrent driver and software development not only reduced the overall design cycle, but also  improved the performance of its TD-LTE solutions

  • S2C's rapid SoC prototyping solutions reduced the development time and risk for the TD-LTE SoC design

  • Leadcore was very impressed with the scalability and cost-effectiveness of S2C's FPGA-based rapid SoC prototyping solutions.

  • S2C pre-and post-sales support helped Leadcore in the successful execution of the project development


By implementing S2C's rapid SoC prototyping solutions, Leadcore can quickly build its TD-LTE SoC prototyping system or sub-system. Also they can minimize the risk of hardware failure. Now Leadcore's engineers can focus on the algorithm research and implement instead of debugging our own prototyping environment. S2C's solutions and AE support really reduce the design cycles and risks. Leadcore is looking forward to building a long-term cooperation with S2C and working closely with S2C in developing new debugging methods for the future designs.

Leadcore Customer Reviews

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