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S2C Selects FTD Solutions as Southeast Asian Distributor

S2C Selects FTD Solutions as Southeast Asian Distributor Dec 13, 2011

S2C Continues to Expand its World-Wide Sales and Support

San Jose, CA – December 13, 2011 – S2C announced that it has selected FTD Solutions Pte Ltd. as its distributor for Southeast Asia. FTD Solutions has sales and support operations in Singapore, the Philippines, Malysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.

Toshio Nakama, S2C President and CEO said: "FTD Solutions has a deep understanding of the SoC and ASIC markets in Southeast Asia and has the technical skills to complement our sales and support organizations. We look forward to engaging with new customers in the rapidly growing Fareast Asian SoC and ASIC markets."

Aravindan Ramalingam, Technical Director for FTD Solutions said: "Our customers have been looking for robust rapid SoC prototyping solutions. S2C offer complete ecosystem solution SOC Prototyping, IPs and Services, which is necessary for SOC makers. Complete SOC solution is a key value for our customers. We believe that S2C's solutions are an excellent fit for our customer needs.

About FTD Solutions Pte Ltd.

FTD Solutions is a leading technology solution provider in S E Asia and India since the year 1994. Our total solution includes Products, Training, Design services and Consultancy in high tech areas like Embedded, Semiconductor, MEMS and Nanotechnology. We provide a comprehensive suite of embedded, MEMS, EDA, Nanotech, Electronic Instrumentation and CAD solutions which address the market. This is facilitated through our partnership with world leaders in these technologies such as Cadence, ARM, MontaVista, SpiritDSP, Coventor, Spectrum Digital, KLA-Tencor, Leap Electronics, Bird Step, Mapusoft, Artwork and more. We also provide complete services, consultany and training solutions for IC Design, Embedded and MEMS which compliment the product business by providing value added development solutions and consultancy services in these areas.

FTD headquarter in Singapore, sales offices in Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and operations in Thailand, Indonesia.

About S2C

Founded and headquartered in San Jose, California, S2C has been successfully delivering rapid SoC prototyping solutions since 2003. S2C provides:

  • Rapid SoC FPGA-based prototyping hardware and automation software

  • Prototype Ready™ IP, Platforms, and Accessories

  • System-level design verification and acceleration

S2C's value is our singular focus on SoC/ASIC development. Our highly qualified engineering team and customer-focused sales force understands our customers' SoC development needs. S2C's unique FPGA-based solution, using our patented TAI IP technology, enables designers to quickly assemble FPGA-based SoC prototypes on S2C FPGA boards. This gives customers an early start on software development, typically the long pole item in development schedules. Combining rapid prototyping methodologies with a comprehensive portfolio of Prototype Ready IP and advanced verification and acceleration solutions, S2C solutions greatly reduces the SoC design cycle.

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