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S2C Unveils Cost-Effective Rapid FPGA Prototyping Platform Series: Virtex-4 TAI Logic Module

S2C Unveils Cost-Effective Rapid FPGA Prototyping Platform Series: Virtex-4 TAI Logic Module Jun 29, 2006

San Jose, USA — June 29, 2006—S2C Inc. is pleased to announce the full availability of our rapid FPGA prototyping platform series for SoC/ASIC design validation. The Virtex-4 TAI Logic Module enables developers to create and debug rapid FPGA prototypes that can be implemented early on in the development cycle.

"Our TAI Logic Modules give engineers a cost-effective FPGA prototyping solution with an excellent upgrade path, " says Mon-Ren Chene, S2C's vice-president of engineering. "We are providing customers with a low-risk, time-saving alternative to roll-your-own FPGA boards. And with the inclusion of our self-test program, customers can spend more time on validating their designs rather than dealing with the common bottleneck of FPGA board debugging. "

S2C currently offers two types of TAI Logic Modules: the Single Virtex-4 TAI Logic Module and the Dual Virtex-4 TAI Logic Module. The Single Virtex-4 model is equipped with one Xilinx Virtex-4 LX200 (or LX160) FPGA, and two DDR2 SO-DIMM slots for memory extensive applications. The Dual Virtex-4 model is equipped with a dual set of Xilinx Virtex-4 LX200 (or LX160) FPGAs that can hold designs with up to 4.0 million ASIC gates. Multiple units of either model can be stacked or cabled together to accommodate larger designs.

TAI Logic Module can be upgraded with the optional TAI Pod module to run advanced features, such as S2C's dynamic FPGA interconnect technology, integrated logic analyzer, simulator-based co-emulation, and SCE-MI transaction-based co-modeling.

For more information about TAI Logic Module, contact Wendy Kuo at 1-408-213-8818 or Lawrence Liang at 86-21-6120-2790, or e-mail us atsales@s2cinc.com.

About S2C Based in San Jose, California and Shanghai, China, S2C Inc. develops and produces advanced electronic system level (ESL) and system-on-chip (SoC) prototyping solutions that accelerate and simplify the integration of embedded systems into chips.

For more information,contact:  Allen Tan S2C Corporate Marketing Manager (408) 213-8818 allent@s2cinc.com

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