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What Is Prototyping Cloud?

What Is Prototyping Cloud? Sep 22, 2022

In the era of data explosion, everyone is going to the Cloud. In addition to the well-known storage Cloud and medical Cloud, do you know what "Cloud" is? Today we're going to talk about the Prototyping Cloud.

Why should we go to the Cloud?

In recent years, many semiconductor companies have begun to try to migrate chip designs to the Cloud. For large companies, the way they operate today has changed. For example, multiple projects in different design stages are running at the same time, and design teams are distributed around the world. As a result, many verifications can only be done in large server arrays or in the Cloud.

For start-ups, under the pandemic, they not only have to face problems such as shortage of funds and uncertain tape-out time, but also solve problems such as team members working from home and how to use EDA tools to collaborate.

"Going to the Cloud" can alleviate these challenges to a large extent, and Cloud-based prototyping solutions are even more eye-catching for developers.

What is Prototyping Cloud?

Virtualization is the core of today's Cloud computing infrastructure, breaking through the boundaries of time and space, and is the most significant feature of Cloud computing. Prototype verification Cloud is Cloud virtualization of computing power resources for prototype verification, which can realize a series of functions such as computing power management, cluster management, and multi-user management without the limitation of time and space. The unified Cloud environment also makes verification more accurate, saving the time and cost of individually configuring computing power for enterprises. In addition, the elastic computing power and nearly unlimited resources brought by the Cloud allow enterprises to solve rapid verification problems with less time and cost.

The entire prototyping Cloud is like a sharing bicycle, you can use it directly when you need to, instead of buying one yourself. It seems that the advantages of Cloud are too obvious.

However, there are not many Cloud services that can actually implement the Cloud and provide safe and efficient prototyping.

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